Wednesday, August 19, 2015

silly fear

we have a few weddings to go to next year and my biggest fear is that they will be better and more fun then our own, silly i know. But none of that really matters now, the most important thing is that love is alive.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

different but still friends!

I love the fact that my friends and i have different opinions about the world but don let it get in the way of our friendships.may not always like the other beliefs but we don't let it ruin our friendship. it just means that we are human an have our own minds!

I also love the fact that even though we may not see eye to eye on things, its nice knowing that my hubby always has my back and supports me no matter how crazy my ideas are! he loves me for me and most importantly he lets me be me!

I had a nice chat with one of my gmas today along with my dad. i am always amazed about surprised my dad is to found me sounding so happy, i know that he was worried because of the divorce with my mom. But Froggy and I have know each other for over ten years and by no means did we rush into marriage, but it is nice knowing how much my dad really does care about me. I know that my gma was woried about my move to Cali, but she is also loving the fact of how much i have spread my wings and now understands that i made the right choice along with my dad.

I really do feel like that move the to cali has helped me in so many ways, i am finding my own voice, my own friends, and living my life to the best that i can! i have an awesome support network, that include my west cost family and me east cost fam, it truly is the best the both worlds.

The best thing is that is been a year and half since the last bronchitis flair up! i feel great and i am losing weight, life is good!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

" The Reason I Can Be Who I Am Is Because You Are Here "

I been feeling out of sorts lately, due to being stressed from work, being sick and hot cali days.But all of that has change in the last week due to the fact that work started this workout challenge and give us Fitbits. Having the Fitbit and the challenge has really helped in getting me to move.

Today i woke up in a good mood and feeling more flexible, more like me. Another thing is the fact that i had started to read the bible again, listening to worship music and letting God back in.  I have made the decision that since its a new month i am getting rid of some of the negativities that i have let take over. In by doing that it means saying goodbye to some things but its for the best. I need to do what is right for me. I need to go back to the things that make me happy and not doing things because they make others happy! its my life and no one else's, i have my beliefs and you have yours.

I need to focus on spending more time  and doing things with my husband and us being an us, not worrying about silly websites and stressing out about things that are out of my control. Need to spend more time with the people who truly care and less with the ones who only semi-care! Its a new month so its time to start things on the right foot and enjoy life once more!

its time to live in the moment, have fun and worry less!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Froomey has won the 2015 TDF (Le Tour de France)!

After 3 weeks of racing Chris Froome has won! This has been one of the most exciting tours in years! Team Sky was amazing, each rider did their part and it paid off!

Froomey has now won a total of 30 Maillot Jaunes (Yellow Jerseys)

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Just remember when things are not going good, remember all the good times that we have had together and know that you are not alone! remember not matter what i will always be here for you like i know that you will be for me! that is why our friendship has lasted as long as it has because we make a point to be in each other lives! From our very first meeting, to the crazy men in our live, to the purple unicorn and so much more! we have seen it all and come out with our love for each other so much stronger! so here is to the next 100 years and beyond of our friendship! no matter what happens you will always be my Esa!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Time flies

Two Years Later

TDF (tour de france) 2015

After stage twenty-one of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!
After stage twenty of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage nineteen of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage eightteen of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage seventeen of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage sixteen of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage Fifteen of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage fourteen of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage thirteen of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage twelve of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage eleven of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage ten of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage nine of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!

After stage eight of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in Yellow (1st)!
After stage seven of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is back in Yellow (1st)!After stage six of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in 2nd!After stage five of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is still in 2nd!After stage four of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is in 2nd!After stage Three of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is in 1st and will be wearing yellow tomorrow!After stage Two of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is in 10th place!After stage one of the TDF (tour de france). Froomey is in 39th place!

a year in Cali part 2

a year in cali!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Living between two worlds otherwise know as I kissed a girl and liked it!

From a very young age I have always been able to float between the world of boys and girls! I was a tomboy in a dress! I could make friends with the boys in class by talking about boy things like Batman and Legos. I could hang with the girls by playing with Barbie and having tea parties. Some girls would be jealous of the fact that the boys would talk and hangout with me, but it worked in the favor because I could help set dates up and vis versa!

As I got older I found that it was much more fun to hang with the guys for there was less drama but I still liked being around girls! It was not until I went away to school/College that I noticed my feelings for both were the same and so was kissing.

been lucky to have understanding friends and a few family members that I have let in on the secret. The most understanding person has been my husband who thinks it's best of both worlds for we can check out peeps without making anyone jealous or uncomfortable. He loves me for who I am weather that be Bi or straight!

I believe in the bible and God which is why its been so hard for me to tell the rest of my family and i am not sure that i ever will, unless they find this blog but i will cross the bridge when i come to it! For now i am just going to be enjoying life the best way i know how just by living it to the best of my abilities for its my life and no one else's!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

has it really been 14 years?

Some days it feels like it was only yesturday that we got the news of your passing, it was a hard day but in a way a happy day too for it ment that you were out of pain. Sad though for it also meant that you were out of our lives. You may be gone but not forgotten. As the years have gone by the pain has become less but I know in my heart you are still around watching us! Laughing and crying with us. Anytime I watch Star Trek I can hear your voice and our after episode late night talks. One the cold nights your blanket gives extra warmth and on the warm nights your blanket feels extra cool. I like to think that you are proud of the way my life has turned and the fact that I am spending my wings and finding my own feet! You were and will always be one of my bestest friends! I am a better person for having know you! LeeLee you may be gone but you will never be forgotten for you live in the hearts of all who have loved you!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

learning to fly

So proud of these, for i have kept them alive for almost a year, usually i am lucky if my plants live for a week! The vines represent my growth here in Cali and the fact that sometimes change is the best thing that can happen! Change is what helps us grow and spreading our wings really does help make us fly. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Force Awakens crazy fan ideas from #SWCA!

After Luke brought balance to the force at the end of eps 4, the force goes into hiding.

But Luke really did not bring balance as a ghost Vader or The Emperor brings Luke over to the darkside.

Now that Luke is on the darkside Leia's force powers awaken (hints the title).

Leia is given her father's lightsaber by Ahsoka Tano who becomes her mentor (like Yoda was for Luke).

Rey and Finn could be part of the Solo/ Skywalker clan.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


What an epic weekend of friendship and Star Wars. SWCA was everything i hoped it to be and so much more. It was great seeing the SW.Com family and being able to pick up right where we left off. It was great meeting new friends who fit it with group that one would think they have always been with the group.

It's so nice being understood and surrounded by likeminded souls, peep who geeky out about the same thing you do instead of life at you and/or call you crazy! This is one of the best thing about celebrations, finding a place where you feel that you belong and no one judges you! A place one can call home with peeps who understand and get you with no questions being asked! A place with instance friends and family who are happy to see you and welcome you with open arms! A place where one can be themselves!‪#‎SWCA‬

Monday, March 30, 2015

another year older

This past Saturday i turned 29 (for the 4th time)! My birthday has always been a big deal seeing as half of my family was born in march! When i was younger we would pick a day and have one big crazy family party. As i got older we got to pick what we wanted to do. But we would also end up spending the whole month celebrating. Now that i am older and married The birthday month has just become the birthday weekend.

The one things i have always looked forward to is the birthday call from my dad, but even that has changed and i would get upset when it did not happen, kinda like how he used to spend me flowers for valentine's day but now i am just over it. No need to make a big fuss about it for it is what it is. I have always realized that the day not matter so when the call comes, its just another reason to celebrate and it extends the celebration. While talking with my Grandma the other, she told me how amazed that she was that i could always find the silver lining in any situation good or bad. I told her that its because she taught me right, for life happens and there is no need to cry over spilled milk.

The best thing to do when one is having a bad day is to smile and try to find the good in it for finding the good makes any bad day just a bit better and finding a reason to smile always makes one feel a bit more happy!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cows, MooMoos, and whatever E says!

This has been such a fun weekend! Friday was awesome getting to spend time with old friends and having yummy eats along with an awesome party!

this weekend brought into focus how amazing my friends and family are! Its such a blessing having this amazing support group and makes days like today not as sad as they once were. For while its my Mum's life day, its also Arkey's death day. In years past it would be a happy and sad day but i have learned over the years that while sad and its ok to be sad, he would want us to be happy and celebrate life. For that is what he brought, with a smile and a laugh. So this year is the year not to make a big deal about this, to acknowledge what day it is and to remember the good times.

He is looking down on us and smiling at the people we have become, he is there with us for the big and small moments in life.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

12 years ago

please say a prayer for the familes of the Columbia 7!
"My fellow Americans, this day has brought terrible news and great sadness to our country. At 9 o'clock this morning, Mission Control in Houston lost contact with our space shuttle Columbia. A short time later, debris was seen falling from the skies above Texas. The Columbia's lost. There are no survivors.

Onboard was a crew of seven -- Colonel Rick Husband, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Anderson, Commander Laurel Clark, Captain David Brown, Commander William McCool, Dr. Kalpana Chawla, and Ilan Ramon a colonel in the Israeli air force.

These men and women assumed great risk in this service to all humanity. In an age when space flight has come to seem almost routine, it is easy to overlook the dangers of travel by rocket and the difficulties of navigating the fierce outer atmosphere of the earth.

These astronauts knew the dangers, and they faced them willingly, knowing they had a high and noble purpose in life. Because of their courage and daring and idealism, we will miss them all the more.

All Americans today are thinking, as well, of the families of these men and women who have been given this sudden shock and grief. You're not alone. Our entire nation grieves with you. And those you loved will always have the respect and gratitude of this country.

The cause in which they died will continue. Mankind is led into the darkness beyond our world by the inspiration of discovery and the longing to understand. Our journey into space will go on.

In the skies today, we saw destruction and tragedy. Yet farther than we can see, there is comfort and hope.

In the words of the prophet Isaiah, "Lift your eyes and look to the heavens. Who created all these? He who brings out the starry hosts one by one and calls them each by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing."

The same creator who names the stars also knows the names of the seven souls we mourn today. The crew of the shuttle Columbia did not return safely to Earth, yet we can pray that all are safely home.

May God bless the grieving families, and may God continue to bless America."

Statement To The Nation By President George W. Bush
1 February 2003