Thursday, April 30, 2015

has it really been 14 years?

Some days it feels like it was only yesturday that we got the news of your passing, it was a hard day but in a way a happy day too for it ment that you were out of pain. Sad though for it also meant that you were out of our lives. You may be gone but not forgotten. As the years have gone by the pain has become less but I know in my heart you are still around watching us! Laughing and crying with us. Anytime I watch Star Trek I can hear your voice and our after episode late night talks. One the cold nights your blanket gives extra warmth and on the warm nights your blanket feels extra cool. I like to think that you are proud of the way my life has turned and the fact that I am spending my wings and finding my own feet! You were and will always be one of my bestest friends! I am a better person for having know you! LeeLee you may be gone but you will never be forgotten for you live in the hearts of all who have loved you!

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