Friday, January 17, 2014

Being sick Sucks!

Froggy and I are moving in a week and of course the thing i have been fighting off and hoping would not happen has decided to totally make a mess of things! I was pose to spend this weekend with one of my besties as its going to be a while and instead on Wednesday i wake up with a bronchitis flair up and not only to i have to miss 3 days of work i also i have to miss out on my weekend with Esa!

Esa has made so many trips down to see me over this past year and i have taken such good care of me over my wedding weekend! she is always do so much for me and i was looking forward to finally being able to return the favor of driving up to see her! but now i cant and i feel like i am letting her down. I know that is not the case because she has said so but it still hurts!

The one reason why Esa and my friendship has lasted 11 years is because we fight each and everyday to hold on to it! we may not talk everyday or see each other as much as we used to but we both know that if we are needed we are only a phone call away! We understand each other and even though we will be on different cost that should not make a different we will still be as close if not closer then we once were!