Monday, March 30, 2015

another year older

This past Saturday i turned 29 (for the 4th time)! My birthday has always been a big deal seeing as half of my family was born in march! When i was younger we would pick a day and have one big crazy family party. As i got older we got to pick what we wanted to do. But we would also end up spending the whole month celebrating. Now that i am older and married The birthday month has just become the birthday weekend.

The one things i have always looked forward to is the birthday call from my dad, but even that has changed and i would get upset when it did not happen, kinda like how he used to spend me flowers for valentine's day but now i am just over it. No need to make a big fuss about it for it is what it is. I have always realized that the day not matter so when the call comes, its just another reason to celebrate and it extends the celebration. While talking with my Grandma the other, she told me how amazed that she was that i could always find the silver lining in any situation good or bad. I told her that its because she taught me right, for life happens and there is no need to cry over spilled milk.

The best thing to do when one is having a bad day is to smile and try to find the good in it for finding the good makes any bad day just a bit better and finding a reason to smile always makes one feel a bit more happy!

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