Thursday, August 28, 2014


It been a fun few days for my cousin Chris has been staying with us. I have not seen him for a few years and it was great getting caught up! He is about to start a really fun road trip of traveling across the US and Canada! We are looking forward to seeing his pics and hearing his adventures on the road!

In other news, today is Chloe Ianto's life day! she is now an old lady! It just seems like yesturday i was making the trip to GA, to spend time with PC! Little did i know that night would change my life by bring Chloe Ianto into it! Its also amazing seeing how much has changed for i am now a married woman living in CA! sometime i miss PC and wish that our friendship would have lasted but i now understand why they broke away! Sure it hurt at the time but i still have the memories and of course the greatest cat ever in Chloe Ianto, who really might be a dog taped inside a cats body!

Speaking of friends its amazing how many East Coast peeps are on the West Coast this week! It really is a small world!

I had more to say but as is m habit words have now failed> hopefully they will come back soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Doctor, New Who

Missy could be Clara from when she was in the doctors time stream. She could be Amy or even River. She could be the Master or someone just as evil. It's going to be fun watching the series unfold. P-Caps is just wonderful as the doctor! It feels like The Doctor is really back! It was fun with Chris. David, and Matt! But something was missing. With P-Caps it's like the doctor has gotten his soul back.    I am kindda digging the whole theme of seeing/not seeing. I also liked the fact in P-Caps eps it seemed like Moffat was telling the fangirls how it was going to be, so that they could take it or leave it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do you dream of Wil Wheaton?

because i did last night! I had this crazy dream that Froggy and I decided for our one year wedding anniversary to have my dream Disney wedding. Somehow 
Wil Wheaton
ends up crashing our wedding as we (the wedding party) are taking a ride/pictures on space mountain. Wil ends up using the ride to take us into space for real and while we are in space we meet up with the Doctor! It was such a fun dream and part of me really wished that it was not a dream for after our trip with Wil and the Doctor; Froggy became a Whovian!

9 years!

hard to believe but its true! So Much has happened and so much has stayed the same! Lost of changes and with each new change, this one is getting used to it! For a long time ago this one was very scared and afraid of change! now of days she is like bring it on for it may still be scary but its also apart of life, so here is to the next 9 years and beyond!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


So tonight has shown me just how lucky I am. Froggy and I started this journey almost 11 years ago and while we have had our ups and downs, but each one has been an amazing step on this road called life. It has helped us grow and get here, to where we are today! Celebrating our first year of marriage in a few short months, the first of many more to come!    The friendships here in cali have been one of the most welcoming things ever, that and the love and kindness of frogg's   family. Both of these have made the move to Cali a breeze and continue to do so. It feels like I have been apart of the group. While I miss my Fab Four, with the love of the Cali Crew I don't feel so alone!