Saturday, June 27, 2015

Living between two worlds otherwise know as I kissed a girl and liked it!

From a very young age I have always been able to float between the world of boys and girls! I was a tomboy in a dress! I could make friends with the boys in class by talking about boy things like Batman and Legos. I could hang with the girls by playing with Barbie and having tea parties. Some girls would be jealous of the fact that the boys would talk and hangout with me, but it worked in the favor because I could help set dates up and vis versa!

As I got older I found that it was much more fun to hang with the guys for there was less drama but I still liked being around girls! It was not until I went away to school/College that I noticed my feelings for both were the same and so was kissing.

been lucky to have understanding friends and a few family members that I have let in on the secret. The most understanding person has been my husband who thinks it's best of both worlds for we can check out peeps without making anyone jealous or uncomfortable. He loves me for who I am weather that be Bi or straight!

I believe in the bible and God which is why its been so hard for me to tell the rest of my family and i am not sure that i ever will, unless they find this blog but i will cross the bridge when i come to it! For now i am just going to be enjoying life the best way i know how just by living it to the best of my abilities for its my life and no one else's!

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