Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fab Five!

I am Lucky to have a few friends that seems to have been in my life forever! The funny thing is that we did not grow up together as kids and most of us don't live in the same state. Yet we have grown up together as adults and have been their for each other for the good-times, the bad-times, the ups and downs, the funny moments life has given and the sad! I can honesty say with out these peeps in my life i would not be here today!

Now that we are done with college and out in the working world, life has been kinda crazy and we don't see each other or talk as much as we once did. We still find the time to make things work even if its just a text here and a Facebook message there. its the small things that mean the most for it lets us know that we are thinking about each other and if needed we are only a phone call away no matter if is 3am or 5pm. We make the drive to see each other when we can, we make time to talk when the important things come up and we do this because we want to make these friendships last and because we have put in the effort our friendship has  lasted.

The things that mean the most and we want most out of lives are the ones that take the most work but are the most rewarding! I am rewarded with an amazing group of friends and an amazing husband who showed me that i have so much to live for and that life is so amazing! I have my gals who were the best bridesmaids ever and the bestest friends a princess could ask for!

Friday, December 13, 2013

New Year, New state, almost!

hard to believe that come the 19th it will be two months since froggy and i said "I DO"! most days it feels like a dream because i feel so lucky! its been such a long and winy road, tens years in the making!. i know that i have said it before but i will say it again and again because this is what i wanted from day one, even if did not really relize it for my heart know but we did have to take a slight detour just to make sure because one never buys the first dress they try on until 5 dress later the realize the one that they really wanted with already there.

With the new year, the next chapter in my life starts for i am finally making the move to cali, the move that was pose to take place almost 8 years again! i am looking forward to the move and its not like i am going to be alone for i will have my Cali family and the Cali Crew. I know that i am going to miss my family here but its time to really spread my wings and see how far i can truly fly!  

I am not saying that i am not worried because that would be crazy, but i think that its the normal things to worry about! my biggest fear is that the mouse is going to forget about me but i know that i will be seeing her at least once a year so hopefully we will still be as close as we are now! i am sad that i wont see the monkeys first steps in person but at lest we have the technology now to relive moments and record them as they happens.

That is what i am hoping this Blog will be about when i make the move, i really hope that i will do a better of updating it to record the new adventure that is life in Cali!