Thursday, July 24, 2014

I remember when...

My nights were filled with chats that lasted till the early mornings light all thanks to my crazy online friends who have made the jump from online to real life. When was the kool place to hang.  when A Sailor Moon Romance was the biggest and best Sailor Moon site on the net.

Sometimes i find myself lurking on the sites of the old days and remember the crazy times and how we all came to be a family.

Someimes i miss the crazy times of yester years, but i am happy about the here and now! About how far we have all come and the fact that we are still family!

Here is too the next 100 years!

Friday, July 18, 2014

TDF update!

After stage 13 Richie Porte has dropped down to 16th overall!

Vincenzo Nibal is still wearing yellow (i think that he is going to ride into Paris wearing Yellow)

Thursday, July 17, 2014


sometime i feel like i am just floating though life, like i am not really here and yet i am here. Sometimes i feel like no one can see me and yet i can see everyone at once! Sometimes i feel like its my goal to be there/here for others and yet only a few ever return the fav for me! Sometimes i feel like i am the only one that cares and yet i know that others care! I know that life is fulled with ups and downs, because you cant have the good without the bad and the bad without the good. there is nothing wrong with that for that is how the world works, but the great thing about this world is the people that we surround  ourselfs with.

Its the people that we let in and trust to see our realselfs! Its our friends and family, its the peeps that make us who we are. Its a crazy world but if we make the best of it, its not so crazy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Breaking TDF Update!

During stage 10 another big name had to abandon the tour! Do to a fractured tibia Alberto Contador (who rides for team Tinkoff-Saxon) is out.  At the end of stage 10 Richie Porte has moved into 2nd overall and Vincenzo Nibal is back to wearing Yellow!

This has been the most crazy Tour in many years, so exciting and sad the same-time and its only the start of week two. This is really is going to be a race to Paris!   

Sunday, July 13, 2014

week one of Le Tour De France or as i am calling it Le Tour de Fracas!

This has been such a crazy first week in the Tour de France (TDF for short) for it seems like that have been some big crashes everyday of the tour so far and a lot of the big names are abandoning like flies! Which is why i have taking to calling it Le Tour de Fracas!

After he was injured in three big falls during Stages four and five 2013 defending champion Chris Froome ( rides for UCI ProTeam Team Sky.) was forced to abandoned the Tour. Turns out that Chris has fractures to his left wrist and right hand. Another big name had a big crash during stage one, Mark Cavendish (rides for UCI ProTeam Omega Pharma-Quick Step.) crashed right at the end of stage one and did enough damage to his right shoulder that surgery was needed! During  stages six Chris Froome's teammate Xabier Zandio had to abandoned the Tour as well, leaving team Sky from 9 members down to 7! Lucky for all there is no team time trail this year, other wise Team Sky would be in big trouble. With Chris Froome down and out, Richie Porte is the new leader of Team Sky! At the end of Stage Eight Richie Porte was sitting pretty in 3rd. After Stage Nine Richie Porte drops down to 9th overall! There has been others who have been hurt or abandoned but i am just reporting on Team Sky!

After Stage One -Marcel Kittel (rides for Giant-Shimano) was wearing Yellow!
After Stage Two -Vincenzo Nibal (rides for Astana) was wearing Yellow!
After Stage Three-Vincenzo Nibal was wearing Yellow!
After Stage Four-Vincenzo Nibal was wearing Yellow!
After Stage Five-Vincenzo Nibal was wearing Yellow!
After Stage Six-Vincenzo Nibal was wearing Yellow!
After Stage Seven-Vincenzo Nibal was wearing Yellow!
After Stage Eight-Vincenzo Nibal was wearing Yellow!
After Stage Nine- Tony Gallopin (rides for Lotto-Belisol) was wearing Yellow!

For great Stage By Stage coverage!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

in between

Seems like everything is in the in-between stages of things!

Today was an odd day for it felt like a normal work day except for the fact that it was Saturday and i normal have Saturdays off! It has totally thrown me for a loop, for after work i apart me wanted to go out and yet the other just wanted to chill!

Its been a very long yet fun week, got to meet some like minded souls last night and we have a gals night out in the works! Its nice feeling like on already fits in and does not have to feel like walking on eggshells at the start of meeting new peeps (hope that makes sense)!

Seems like everyone from the family is having celebration withdrawals because we have passed the year mark until Celebration-7! its nice to think that we are now closer to Celebration-7, sure we still have about 10 months to go!

This week i have learned that its nice having people who understand the geeky things in life and who are ok with just being themselves! No need to pretend, its nice letting true colors shine on!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

feeling loved!

With it being 4th of July weekend, I been feeling very loved and wanted! Its been the small things, like Prinny sending vids of her amazing firework shows and wanting me to come visit her next July 4th! Its been the mini chats with my Big Sis! Its been the text from Esa letting me know that even if we are far apart we are still together! Its been Linds planning what fun things we will be doing once i make the trip home! Its been the phone Calls from AWH keeping me in the loop and not making it seem like i am so far away from the office!

Its been the fun times with the Cali family and the FL family when they were out for there visit! It was nice seeing two of my worlds getting along so well! I know that its been hard for the FL family to see me spread my wings and fly but its been the best thing for me! I am so much happier here and it just feels right! Sure i miss the FL family i would be crazy not too, but its the normal kind of missing (hope that makes sense)! I am having fun being me, having people like me for me and not for who they think that i am or because of who my mom and dad are! I am me and only me!

I sometimes find it funny that my bestes friends live so far away from each other! Esa is in SC, Prinny is  in MI, Cindy-Lou is in TX, and Linds is in FL! I call these gals my Fab 4 because they are Fabulous and we have been by each others side for the good times and the not so good times! They helped make my Wedding to Froggy a dream come true! One of my fav memories from my Sister's Margo's Wedding was the night before the big she and Ktoe made there way to my room! We talked until we fell asleep holding hands! That moment meant so much because it seemed to say that no matter what happened we would always be sisters! I wanted to have a moment like that before I said I do, but it was not to be the case with my sisters, instead i had an a great night with the Fab 4 and my brother P-man! It might not been the same as Margo's wedding but it meant just as much because not matter where life takes us I know and I hope that they know we will always have each others back because that is what friends are for!

What it comes down too is no matter the distance if you make the time, you are not that far apart from the ones who love! I love that even though its be ages, i feel like with my friends and family we can always pick up right where we left off as if its been only hours instead of the days, that is the sign of everlasting love and friendship!

"There are days when those gray skies
Make you blue
Each forward step you take
You fall back by two
You've been hit by some hard knocks
You just can't stand
Feeling like Alice felt
In Wonderland
Let me be the one to lend a hand
Call my name and I'll be there
There's nothing like the laughter that we share
Whenever you need someone
Or a shoulder to lean on
Call my name and I'll be there
And when life's going your way
Just like a breeze
It's a kite-flying kind of day
Above the trees
Together we'll be making memories
As this world turns us around
We hang on to what we've found
A treasure we both need
I will go that extra mile
To give you back that certain smile
That you've given me
I'll answer every time and anywhere
Call my name and I'll be there
Call my name and I'll be there
Call my name
Call my name
I'll be there


Howell, Sandra / Author, John Miyagi / Benghiat, Michael Ralph / Heyward, Andy"