Sunday, August 9, 2015

different but still friends!

I love the fact that my friends and i have different opinions about the world but don let it get in the way of our friendships.may not always like the other beliefs but we don't let it ruin our friendship. it just means that we are human an have our own minds!

I also love the fact that even though we may not see eye to eye on things, its nice knowing that my hubby always has my back and supports me no matter how crazy my ideas are! he loves me for me and most importantly he lets me be me!

I had a nice chat with one of my gmas today along with my dad. i am always amazed about surprised my dad is to found me sounding so happy, i know that he was worried because of the divorce with my mom. But Froggy and I have know each other for over ten years and by no means did we rush into marriage, but it is nice knowing how much my dad really does care about me. I know that my gma was woried about my move to Cali, but she is also loving the fact of how much i have spread my wings and now understands that i made the right choice along with my dad.

I really do feel like that move the to cali has helped me in so many ways, i am finding my own voice, my own friends, and living my life to the best that i can! i have an awesome support network, that include my west cost family and me east cost fam, it truly is the best the both worlds.

The best thing is that is been a year and half since the last bronchitis flair up! i feel great and i am losing weight, life is good!

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