Saturday, August 1, 2015

" The Reason I Can Be Who I Am Is Because You Are Here "

I been feeling out of sorts lately, due to being stressed from work, being sick and hot cali days.But all of that has change in the last week due to the fact that work started this workout challenge and give us Fitbits. Having the Fitbit and the challenge has really helped in getting me to move.

Today i woke up in a good mood and feeling more flexible, more like me. Another thing is the fact that i had started to read the bible again, listening to worship music and letting God back in.  I have made the decision that since its a new month i am getting rid of some of the negativities that i have let take over. In by doing that it means saying goodbye to some things but its for the best. I need to do what is right for me. I need to go back to the things that make me happy and not doing things because they make others happy! its my life and no one else's, i have my beliefs and you have yours.

I need to focus on spending more time  and doing things with my husband and us being an us, not worrying about silly websites and stressing out about things that are out of my control. Need to spend more time with the people who truly care and less with the ones who only semi-care! Its a new month so its time to start things on the right foot and enjoy life once more!

its time to live in the moment, have fun and worry less!

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