Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cows, MooMoos, and whatever E says!

This has been such a fun weekend! Friday was awesome getting to spend time with old friends and having yummy eats along with an awesome party!

this weekend brought into focus how amazing my friends and family are! Its such a blessing having this amazing support group and makes days like today not as sad as they once were. For while its my Mum's life day, its also Arkey's death day. In years past it would be a happy and sad day but i have learned over the years that while sad and its ok to be sad, he would want us to be happy and celebrate life. For that is what he brought, with a smile and a laugh. So this year is the year not to make a big deal about this, to acknowledge what day it is and to remember the good times.

He is looking down on us and smiling at the people we have become, he is there with us for the big and small moments in life.

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