Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Workouts are better with support

At the end of last month a friend asked me if I would like to join her workout support group and I said yes!

It was the best thing that has happened to me because I have found a group of girls who lift each other up and don't try to sell products just support! 

As we are coming to the end of the month I am happy to report that I am only 20lbs away from Phase one of my fitness goals!

I am finding that I have more energy, that I am sleeping better and can fit back into some of my favorite outfits. 

This is a new start and I feel like I can keep it going and hit my phase one goal by the goal date!

Sure things have not been the best and there were a few set backs but I did not let that stop me. For I kept reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, and a chance to fix the mistakes of yesterday! 

If I can do it, you can do it too!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fun weekend

This weekend was a fun and Crazy one but the good kind of crazy!

Neil and Denise came up to help celebrate Chris and Kate's upcoming wedding!  We along with other people / friends played a real life game of life! They put in a lot of work and it totally paid off.

While at the party Amy and I got to talking about fitness goals and the fact each person's body reacts to working out differently and the key is finding out what works best for you! It was nice chatting with someone who cares about the goal and not trying to sell one something that might now work for them!

Starting Monday a new workout plan will be put in motion and this one I might actually stick too since it involves something I am passionate about and love doing!  I am actually excited and looking forward to seeing how it goes!