Thursday, May 1, 2014

13 years

Some years are better then others, some years May 1st goes by with out me thinking about! Some years i wake up thinking about and some years it does not hit me until the middle of the day! May 1st 2001 was a day that i will never forget for its the day that i lost one of my very bestest and dear friends (LeeLee)! She was a light in a dark world, she was the one that showed me the fun of boarding school! She did not judge and accepted people for who they were! She was so full of life even while fighting cancer! She shared a love of Star Trek and Sailor Moon! Late night chocolate fun and gab sessions!

Its been 13 years since her passing and even though she is gone she is still in my heart! She showed what life is all about and made the most of her short yet amazing time on earth! In the crazy,sad,happy, funny, amazing, times i feel like she is looking down and giving her encouragement! She is there warping a hug around those that need it!
She is a shining star! 

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