Monday, November 7, 2016

Proud to be a part of the 5%

Who is voting 3rd party this election. Some may call it a throw away vote, but I call it a vote for change, vote that shows the 2 party system is no longer working. It's a vote to show that there are always other options and not everything is black and white:

From Gary Johnson :

Whatever happens tomorrow, understand, we won.
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Thank You!

The Republican and Democratic parties are billion dollar political machines.
They are, by far, the most politically powerful private corporations in the world.
Governor Weld and I ran on the Libertarian ticket with a simple premise: America deserve better – a President and Vice President that serve everyone.
Through a primary election where the media focused every waking hour on the bad candidates nominated by the Democratic and Republican Party – you stood by me.
Thank you.
Through an election season full of debates and polls that suggest our future can only be led by an angry red team or a compromised blue team – you joined our positive team.
Thank you.
Against a system of election and campaign finance laws that allows the two candidates automatic ballot access and, literally, billions of special interest dollars to flow through their parties, PACs, and “media” partners – you put your interest in an opportunity.
Thank you.
Whatever happens tomorrow, understand, we won.
We smashed fundraising records.
We are set to gain ballot access and federal funding for a third party.
And we’ve introduced millions of Americans to an idea that cannot be stopped – we don’t have to settle for a lesser of two evils.
Don’t be impatient. Revolutions take time.
Be understanding of those who haven’t yet joined us. Revolutions require consensus.
Our future in this country is bright. We are on a pathway to the best America yet.
I am honored to be a part of the positive momentum.
Thank you for leading the way.
Now go out and get your friends and family to vote FOR a better America!
I'm in,

Gov. Gary Johnson

Endorsement: Danville Register and Bee (VA)

Danville Register and Bee Endorses Gary Johnson
If you believe that it’s time for the American people to stop playing the game the two parties want us to play, then voting for a Libertarian this year makes sense. With Gov. Gary Johnson, we have a chance to slay the beast — and elect the best candidate on the ballot. 

Endorsement: The Post and Courier (SC)

The Post and Courier Endorses Gary Johnson
And if you’re among that vast group, register your displeasure loudly and clearly by voting for neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump on Tuesday. Instead, vote for Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson. 


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Let your friends know that you didn't vote for evil this election.
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Help Us Get Out the Vote

We need boots on the ground and friends on the phone.

Will you join the tens of thousands of volunteers who are helping us make history on Tuesday?
When someone tells you that you are wasting your vote by supporting Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, don't blame them for not understanding the rules that have led us, as a country, to where we are today.

Make sure you let them know -- there is only one campaign this election that is on track to change the course of history for the better: OURS.
Read the 15 Reasons to Vote for Gary Johnson
PS: I'm proud that our campaign has been fueled by everyday Americans like YOU. Please consider making a contribution of $150, $15, $5, to help get out every last vote.

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