Tuesday, November 1, 2016

13 years

 since my first suicidal plan popped into my head (and I almost followed though with it) and And I am still here, days are bad sometimes but the good days are good if not better than they were.

The following just a few of the lessons I have learned since :

Life is about finding the joy in the small things and knowing that there will be sad days and it's OK for the sad days. You can even fall during the sad times but the key is to not hit bottom and remember that the light is still there, it's only a matter of finding it and knowing that one is not alone.

The happy days are ok too, nothing wrong with being happy, the key is not to the fake the happy. The key is to embrace the happy and find the joy in life!

There is so much that this life has to offer and the fact that each and everyone of us is important and matters to someone else!

It's OK to be different, stange and March to ones own beat. What is normal in the first, we are all different snowflakes and that is what makes us wonderful.

Finding something that makes you happy and no one else is totally find for it's your life and no one else, unless someone has walked in your own shoes, they have no right to judge.

If someone is making you have more bad / nagitvie days, it's OK to cut ties with thay.

Find your happy place and make it your own, remember it during the bad days and make it more bight during the good days!

Each day is a new adventure, a gift given to us by God, live it to the best that you can for that day and if something does not get done remember that tomorrow is a new day! Another chance to celebrate your life the best way you know how to!

The key is just to be alive and grow each and every day!

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