Thursday, July 14, 2016

TDF (Tour de France) stage 12-2016

What a crazy finish! Due to insane crowds and TV motorbikes! There was a crash at the finish that took Froomey and Richie Porte down! Froomey had done a good job of dropping most of the other GC rivals.

It get so crazy that after the crash Froomey picked up his bike and started to run with it and then dropped the bike and continued on feet! While he water for an replacement bike! Two bikes later he crossed the line!

Some might no think it's right but the race officials decided that Froomey should be in Yellow. Which is the right call, for had the crash not happend, he and Richie would have crossed the line close together!

Some are saying that since Froomey ran on foot, that he should be kicked out of the race for breaking some race rules! I feel like he ran because he was trying to make up for the lost time and was focused on what happend! He was not thinking straight but in the end he did cross the line on a bike!

Something does need to be done about the lack of crowd control. That is the great thing about cycling is how close it let's you get to your hero's but some are taking it to far and crashes like today's or much worse happen! I am not sure what can be done, but I feel like there need to be more barriers and/or police presents!

Thankfully tomorrow is the individual time trial, which has lots of barriers!

It's going to be fun to see how the rest of the tour goes and what changes will be made (if any) for the final week and next year's tour!

Here is the Team Sky report from today's stage

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