Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I don't think he is-

But if it does turn out that Froomey has indeed been doping it's going to hurt more than when Lance Armstrong's lies were exposed!

With that said, I believe that Froomey's power is coming from his training and the support of his team! Which has been preparing all year for the TDF (Tour de France) and it shows! The TDF and really any cycling race for that matter is about team work and how well the team works together!

Team Sky moves like one body and that is how they are keeping Froomey in the Maillot Jaune (Yellow Jersey)!  They are doing what they came to do!

If the other teams felt up to attacking, this would be a different race!

Hard to believe that the TDF (Tour de France) only has four days left! Other may disagree but I feel like this has been one exciting tour, we have had so many stages that have ended with photo finishes, crazy riding styles and far less crashes compared to years pasted (I am knocking on wood, now !)

Each stage has brought something new and different to talk about afterwards! It's going to be sad when Sunday arrives (the final day) but thankfully this year is an Olympic year, so it will only be a week from the end of the tour until more cycling is on the Telly!

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