Saturday, December 13, 2014

Its starting to look like Christmas!

Christmas time is my fav time of year, love all the good cheer and family time! This year is going to be different but still fun! This will be my first Christmas in Cali and while i am looking forward to starting new traditions with Froggy i am going to be missing my FL family! Its going to be funny not have Christmas Eve movie marathon with K and P. Its going to be funny not going and see the Christmas lights with Linds and having our Christmas at Estreet, or seeing Mouse and Monkey open there gifts! But thankful there will be pics and videos!

I am looking forward to seeing how Christmas is done Cali style and it will be fun for E will be in the same state seeing her Family, so if it all works out she and I shall get to see each other! Nelly and his gal will be coming up from LA over Christmas weekend and its always fun when they are in town for the Cali Family is complete. It will also be fun to see what the Cali Crew does. This should be a Christmas to remember!

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