Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014, its the perfect blend of new and old.

This has been such a crazy year as it saw lots of changes the biggest being the move to Cali. Still can't believe that its almost been a year, sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday that we arrived. The most amazing thing about the move has been the growth of friends and faith. This year alone i have seen Esa 3 times, which i believe may be a record and I have talked to my dad more. I have found a church that i really feel like i can call home. I have an amazing circle of friends out here and i am still able to keep in close contact with my east coast friends and family. 

here are some highlights of the past year :
Good-bye FL!
Hello Cali!

East Coast on the West Coast!

New and old friends!

Gals Night!

Lots of late night Game nights!

a visitor all the way from the East Coast!

Its been a great year, looking forward to the new Adventures in

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