Sunday, November 23, 2014

over a year later, 11 years total

Our first Pic! 

Our First Star Wars Celebration (C3)

College graduation 

Our engagement Pic! 
Our Wedding! 

cant believe that froggy and i have been married for over a year and i have now know each other for 11 years. what is even harder to believe is that its also been 11 years since i almost took my life! if it had not been for froggy i would not be here today and i am so very thankful for him. For i find myself looking back and thinking on all the things i would have missed out on if not for him. I would never have meet Mouse and Monkey and all of my amazing friends. I am better now, sure i have my moments but i think that is normal for everyone. I just dont let them bring me down anymore because Life is about living and there is so much to live for!

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