Saturday, July 12, 2014

in between

Seems like everything is in the in-between stages of things!

Today was an odd day for it felt like a normal work day except for the fact that it was Saturday and i normal have Saturdays off! It has totally thrown me for a loop, for after work i apart me wanted to go out and yet the other just wanted to chill!

Its been a very long yet fun week, got to meet some like minded souls last night and we have a gals night out in the works! Its nice feeling like on already fits in and does not have to feel like walking on eggshells at the start of meeting new peeps (hope that makes sense)!

Seems like everyone from the family is having celebration withdrawals because we have passed the year mark until Celebration-7! its nice to think that we are now closer to Celebration-7, sure we still have about 10 months to go!

This week i have learned that its nice having people who understand the geeky things in life and who are ok with just being themselves! No need to pretend, its nice letting true colors shine on!

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