Thursday, July 17, 2014


sometime i feel like i am just floating though life, like i am not really here and yet i am here. Sometimes i feel like no one can see me and yet i can see everyone at once! Sometimes i feel like its my goal to be there/here for others and yet only a few ever return the fav for me! Sometimes i feel like i am the only one that cares and yet i know that others care! I know that life is fulled with ups and downs, because you cant have the good without the bad and the bad without the good. there is nothing wrong with that for that is how the world works, but the great thing about this world is the people that we surround  ourselfs with.

Its the people that we let in and trust to see our realselfs! Its our friends and family, its the peeps that make us who we are. Its a crazy world but if we make the best of it, its not so crazy!

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