Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday blues

so the honeymoon is over and its a full week of work, blah. its my goal to get back into writing so i am going to make it my goal to try and do one blog post a day. so if i have any readers be prepared for some crazy randomness. so it seems like most everyone is sick at work which makes for less then fun work days as it seems everyone is out of sick time. so the office is filled with the sounds of peeps blowing noses, hacking up lungs and just plain ache sickness. but it is that time of year so it makes some kinda sense.

we had a lil bit of cold font come though which was nice for it made everything feel more like fall and if we keep our toes crossed, we might have a cooler Christmas which beats an 80 degree Christmas any day of the year. That is one thing i shall add to my list of things i am looking forward to about Cali, the cooler air!

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