Tuesday, October 22, 2013

~I am Mercer Now~

wow, what a week. After being in each other lives for 10 years, on Saturday October 19th 2013 Froggy and I become husband and wife. The few days leading up to the big were some of the crazest yet some of the fun most every. I feel like my close friends and i became even closer and new bonds of friendship were made.

I really dont remember much about the wedding it self, just looking into Froggy's eyes an knowing that he is my soulmate. what i do remember is having fun getting out on the dance floor which is something that i never do. The feeling of love and being surrounded by friends and family. Seeing the open arms of my new family and the bonds of friendship from the Cali Crew. The fact that the Cali Crew has been so accepting since day one really makes things more easy and special for the love me for being me and dont have to put on a face and being someone i am not.

Now that the wedding is over its time to get ready for the next adventure, the big move to Cali in the middle of January. I am looking forward to the change and the new friends. But it will be sad to leave my family behind!

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