Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A friend said it best

What have we become? Changing history to appease a few? A society focused on always blaming someone or something else for their status instead of being the change. The old saying 'the past is the past' has new meaning: ' the past hurts me and people like me collectively so we are going to force them/the man/you to change it so we can feel better about life and then I'm going back to my couch to see what else needs changing.' Does changing the name of a school impact the learning ability of the students? Does removing statues and flags and eliminating facts from our nation's history, our history, seriously impact an individual's ability to succeed or make a good life? It's a paradigm shift for me. Shouldn't we all look forward, and aren't we as  individuals afforded the freedom to choose our path?

Ghandi said, "A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people."

Maybe we have lost track of unity and forgiveness. We certainly have stopped being a people who respect our history, the different opinions of our fellow humans, and the concept of love one another. It is a long road to find our way back to a place where we cry for our fallen, fight for the weak and rejoice in the collective beauty of this life and planet we share together. And what will they write about us in the history books? Will we become the society who was too selfish, too self-centered to rejoice in the beauty and diversity of this nation? Will we be remembered as the generation who destroyed and eliminated history in an effort to appease those with the loudest voices? History does not oppress a society,  it merely tells the story and bears witness of time before. Would we as living souls be ok if another person or group of people took away 10 important years of our personal existence because it made them feel a certain way?

I beg all to look at the present, move forward, and make a positive difference. Teach your children right and wrong, not right now and who cares if it's wrong, do it anyways and I will support you. Stand up for veterans who stood up for you. Properly care for our parents and grandparents, no matter what they need, which is typically just someone who cares.  Understand again that actions have consequences - good and bad. And start over in your own understanding that people are inherently good. Search for it everyday. Care enough. Give what you can, and give back in kindness received times 10. Be grateful, not hateful. This is not intended as a political post, but intended as only my opinion on the state of our existence as we live it.

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