Thursday, March 16, 2017

Its been a year

Since I lost my job and not much has really changed. I am still jobless but now have an idea as to what I really want to do. Sometimes I still feel like a failure but I am learning to get past that. I am getting better with organizations skills so that is some improvements.

The thing that has stood out the most is the support from my friends and family.  They have put up with good days and the bad. They are still by my side though it all, giving encouragement and supporting words and deeds.

I am so thankful for my husband who has not looked down on me, but instead lifted me up. He has been my rock and safe harbor in this storm. I am so very lucky and thankful for having him by my side.

This is the start of a new year and I have hope that things are going to work out and this time next year, there will be even more improvements.

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