Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rain and Star Wars

What a difference a year makes, this time last year Froggy and I were awaiting the release of Star Wars episode is 7-the force awakens! And now we are waiting for the release of "Rogue One-A Star Wars story! Just under 13 hours to go!

This has not been the best year and it has not been the worst, it's been somewhat crazy year! It's been filled with life and death, ups and downs, Happy times and good times! The whole cricle of life!

The best thing about tonight besides seeing the new movie is that we are double dating with some dear friends! Love the fact that our friends are just as geeky as we are and understand the joys of being geeky!

This other great thing about tonight is we are supposed to get a lot of rain and Cali needs rain!

I know that this blog is random but as you know my dear readers that is how my mind works!

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