Sunday, September 14, 2014

did not know i was missing something till i found it!

What an amazing day today has been! Went to church with some great friends and felt like i was home again. Did not realize how much i was missing Church until i came back! its just what i needed as my heart was feeling heavy. The songs were wonderful and the message helped clear my head, it was like it was written for what i was dealing with.

God has brought the right peeps into my life just as i needed them the most! I have the most amazing friends out here in Cali! Sure i miss my FL fam and the Fab Four, but its nice having peeps here who understand and have the same beliefs.

We also now have a new Sunday tradition that makes all parties happy! With Church, Football, friends and laughter how can anything beat that?

This year has been such an amazing adventure so far and its not even over yet, sure its had its fare share of ups and downs but that is life for you cant have the good with out the bad!

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