Sunday, April 6, 2014

what i should have said!

The other day i did a good deed for a dear friend and afterwards we were having a chat! I wanted to say something during the chat but i was scared of how it would come across and i did not want it to sound rude of self-conceded. But seeing as it been a few days and the words are still having on my heart i feel they just need to be said so here it goes :

"God has sent be to be an ambassador for him and to show that he does care about you, that there is good in life and that everything does indeed happen for a reason! we may not feel like it and understand the reason for they may not be all that good but it brings us to the path that we are pose to be on and brings us to the people that we need most in our lives! He does have a master-plan for your life and want you to know that he does indeed exist!"

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