Saturday, April 27, 2013

That is so Geeky

so lot has happened since my last post. I am now 29.3 years old, there are 175 days until Froggy and I say "I DO". Things are more crazy at work and i now have a new friend at work who is helping me work-out so that i can fit back into my wedding dress! All and All life is groovey!

One of my fav Life Day gifts came from my in-town bestie; a TARDIS phone charm. which i like to call my whovian detector. Becuse since i have put it on my phone i have meet so many more Whovians, which has been fantastic! We have gotten the save the date cards in which are so geeky that its not even funny and i am happy that for a lest some part of the wedding we can have the geek flag fly high.

Then today i picked up my mtg 2013 core set (Green of course). Always fun when that happens even though i don't play as much i once did. there is just something about a new deck that puts a smile on my face!

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