Tuesday, October 16, 2012

9 years ago....

I was having a really bad night, so i went online in hopes that my "Brother Wish.E.Wish" would be there. Sadly he was not but my friend Lisa was, Lisa and i talked until l she had to go. she was worried about leaving me so she sent one of her friends to talk, turns our that was the best thing she could have done. For not only did it end up saving my life in more ways then one, it was the start of this crazy adventure that would become Sean and I!

I know from the moment i hard his voice in November of 2003 and the fact that our first phone conversation last four plus hows that he was the one for me. My theory was confirmed when he made his first trip out to see me in December of 2003. The fact that he cried for me when i cry not, i will never forget the feeling of his tears on my face, as i closed the book of MAT (for what i thought was for good).  I remember the first time he said "I Love You". I was sitting outside my moms house while national championship game was going on inside. I was still not in the best mind set for i was still trying to get over MAT and that sadly made Sean my rebound guy.

I don't like the next part in our story but it has to be told
Then right before I was to graduate  Someone new came into my life and He was here in town. where as Sean was still in Cali. So in January of 2006, i meet the "Pink Ninja" and by my birthday of that year, the ninja and i become an us. I did not tell Sean because i still wanted him to come to my graduation  So i  had my whole family cover for me, until My middle sister had enough and told me if did not tell Sean by her birthday (which happened to be 6.6.6 that year) she was going to give the family a gift herself and tell Sean  So i finally broke down and told Sean the truth  The Ninja and i had our first date on my sisters birthday (we went to see the omen which would be a sign in its self).  it was about a few months after the Ninja and I, that i started thinking that i may have mad a mistake. It was not until that i got that awful call from Bestie friend "E" telling me that Arky had passed away. At first i thought that "E" was joking, but then i realized that she was crying. I was in shock and the Ninja did nothing for me. So i called Sean and he was there more for over the phone, then the Ninja was who was right next to me. The other thing Sean did for me that stood out during our time of next being together was he let me listen to all of the star wars celebration 4 opening ceremorys via phone, since i could not be there. The back of my mind was exciting because he still cared.

Flash forwarding to my just before my 26th birthday. The Ninja calls things off and Karma totally kicked my butt. I never dreamed that Sean would take me back, after i killed his heart. But we started really talking again and He even came out to visit that summer. He ended up taking me back and we have been together ever sense.

Now our wedding is only 368 days away. We are finally together in the same state learning how to live and not kill each other. we are learning so much about each other, that each and every day is a new day. I am so thankful that for the past 9 years that i cant wait to see what the next how in store for us!

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